Interiors & Fixtures

  • Keystone Communities, Mankato Interiors, Mankato, Minnesota
  • Franklin Covey, Electronics Fixtures Concept Sketch
  • Franklin Covey, Electronics Fixtures Completed, Stonebiar Centre, Frisco, Texas
  • BodySound Entertainment Center Concept Sketch
  • BodySound Entertainment Center and Interiors Completed, Ridgedale, Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • Humphrey Forum, Artifacts Display Showcase Fixture Bid Document
  • Humphrey Forum, Completed Artifacts Display Showcase, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

L&M provides complete interior design services for all types of projects including selection and specification of furniture, paints, wall coverings, flooring, window treatments and other furnishings. L&M’s fees for these services are based upon a fixed fee or negotiated percentage of construction cost. Unlike many interior designers, we are not a re-seller of furnishings and are never paid by a supplier for specifying their products.

Our designers are very experienced in creating custom furniture and fixture designs. We excel at producing high quality fixture bid documents for retail projects.