Client Access

The L&M DocMGR site is designed to allow easy access by our Clients, Consultants and their Contractors and Vendors to view and download Project documents.

To obtain a Username and Password contact L&M. Once you have an assigned Username and Password, log on to using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and then click on CLIENT ACCESS (to browse to this page). Click on the DM button below and type in your assigned Username and Password at the prompts. Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.

L&M uses both PDF and DWF documents.

  • To obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader click Adobe to use PDF documents.
  • To obtain a free copy of Autodesk Design Review click Design Review to use DWF documents. This is highly recommended as Design Review is superior in our opinion for accessing and working with drawings.


Download and Upload permissions are strictly controlled by client and user type.
If you are able to VIEW a file, you have the ability to DOWNLOAD it. Find the appropriate file using the folder tree at the left.

To Download a file either click on the file and save it or right click on the file and select “Save Link As”. Then browse to the folder you wish to save to.


The File Structure is arranged by Client Name, Project Number and Location as well as Document Issue Type: Bid, Permit & Revisions. PLEASE BE CAREFULL TO SELECT THE CORRECT CATEGORY TO OBTAIN THE DESIRED DOCUMENTS.


Engineers have the capability to VIEW, Download & UPLOAD files to Projects. If you can View a Project Folder, you have permission to Upload Files to that folder as well.

Document Manager Access